Welcome to Carnegie Touring

As our name would suggest, we provide an exclusive high quality service for our guests coming into Scotland and the Kingdom of Fife.

Based in the heart of Dunfermline, the birthplace of Andrew Carnegie, we are ideally situated to take you deep into beautiful scenic countryside starting right here in the ancient capital of Scotland.

Statue of Andrew Carnegie

Specialising in week long tours of Scotland as well as half day or full day excursions, we organise itineraries to suit your interests.
No matter what style of tour you secure, our level of service remains the same for every guest; it’s warm, friendly, informative and relaxing.

We offer a service for those clients seeking an exclusive experience from their vacation or special day out.

For visitors arriving into Scotland by aircraft, rail or cruise ship, we will be waiting to warmly welcome you. From early morning until evening your guide is there for you. No matter if you’re touring during the day, want to take in a summer’s evening mystery tour, visit the theatre, attend a concert or take in a movie, your exclusive personal guide / driver is waiting for you.

“We Deliberately Undersell and Over Perform, Not the Other Way Round”

(Peter de Savary)

From past experience we found many people want to visit Scotland but are reluctant to drive or would rather not utilise large tour group operations.

Pittencrieff House Museum, Dunfermline

This is where Carnegie Touring can offer you the vacation which suits your needs, whether you’re seeking to explore Scottish history, view rugged mountains, gaze out over deep tranquil lochs or wide isolated beaches, we also specialise in visiting film locations which provided the back drop of many of the world’s iconic movies.

Guests interested in the arts, Scotland certainly has a wide range of festivals and events to suit every taste. From Music, Visual Art, Dance, Drama there is no better place to come than Scotland.

Accompanied with your own personal guide, you will view Scotland from a different perspective and visit significant locations which can sometimes be over looked on the usual tourist routes.


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Client Testimonials

Mr & Mrs Edwards
Murray Grigor OBE
Jasmine Birtles

Mr & Mrs Edwards

San Diego & London

“This is the only way to see beautiful Scotland. Gerry is a gracious and welcoming host who makes you feel like you “belong”. “You will never regret it”

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Murray Grigor OBE

Scottish Award Film Director

Gerry is truly a cultural commando, one who promotes all that is best in Scotland with an enthusiasm and professionalism that is wholly infectious.

His promotion for our film “Scotch Myths” which plumbed the depths of Scottish kitsch, helped turn it into Channels 4’s first Hogmanay programme.

Gerry also helped save the auditorium of the iconic Dunfermline Opera House which is now beautifully reconstructed and the pride of Sarasota, Florida. His reputation is truly international.

There could be no better guide than Gerry to help you explore the best of what Scotland has to offer.

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Kate Alexander, Theatre, Director, Sarasota, Florida

“Witty, charming, full of historical knowledge and lively tid bits that no one would ever know”.

“The soul of Scotland resides in a tour with Gerry McMullan”

“An excursion with Gerry is not to be missed”

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Jasmine Birtles

Broadcaster & Writer, London

“Gerry is a powerhouse, endlessly dedicated and committed to providing a high quality of service as well as knowledgeable and passionate about highlighting the best of Scotland”

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