Set-jetting – Scottish film locations


Outlander the latest major US TV series being filmed in Scotland is due to launch on the 9th August 2014.

For all Outlander followers now is your opportunity to virtually walk in the footsteps of Claire & Jamie as they make their way through their turbulent adventurous life. Taking a journey with us is fully of interesting aspects of the filming and at the same time you are walking through areas which have played a significant part in Scottish history.

Unlike a typical Film Location Tour the journey under taking and places visited are real.

Take an exclusive “Outlander Experience Tour” with us and weave your way through the rich tapestry of history where the

characters and feel the special Outlander atmosphere created by Diana Gabaldon.


From a half day walking tour of Culross or a full day or longer experience tour, the choice is yours.

Why not try our special Two Day Outlander Tour which provides overnight accommodation at the Covenanter Hotel, which was used as Mrs Bairds B&B and take a special trip back in time to the Herb Garden at Castle Leoch and much more.


For all bookings & details on our pricing please contact us


Tel: +44 (0) 1383723590



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Client Testimonials

Mr & Mrs Edwards
Murray Grigor OBE
Jasmine Birtles

Mr & Mrs Edwards

San Diego & London

“This is the only way to see beautiful Scotland. Gerry is a gracious and welcoming host who makes you feel like you “belong”. “You will never regret it”

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Murray Grigor OBE

Scottish Award Film Director

Gerry is truly a cultural commando, one who promotes all that is best in Scotland with an enthusiasm and professionalism that is wholly infectious.

His promotion for our film “Scotch Myths” which plumbed the depths of Scottish kitsch, helped turn it into Channels 4’s first Hogmanay programme.

Gerry also helped save the auditorium of the iconic Dunfermline Opera House which is now beautifully reconstructed and the pride of Sarasota, Florida. His reputation is truly international.

There could be no better guide than Gerry to help you explore the best of what Scotland has to offer.

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Jasmine Birtles

Broadcaster & Writer, London

“Gerry is a powerhouse, endlessly dedicated and committed to providing a high quality of service as well as knowledgeable and passionate about highlighting the best of Scotland”

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Kate Alexander, Theatre, Director, Sarasota, Florida

“Witty, charming, full of historical knowledge and lively tid bits that no one would ever know”.

“The soul of Scotland resides in a tour with Gerry McMullan”

“An excursion with Gerry is not to be missed”

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